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Here’s my first post for The Raging Feminists!

The Raging Feminists

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I refuse to buy clothes online.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not a dinosaur who thinks hackers will steal her credit card details, and I’m not vehemently opposed to the whole capitalist system that is now exploiting the proletariat via the world wide web. I’m your average Uber app-using, discounted-branded-clothes-wearing, kinda tech savvy girl. But I will not buy clothes online.

“Why?”, you ask, frowning in confusion. I roll my eyes at you. Because I don’t know if they will fit.

But, you insist, there are pictures of people wearing them!

True. There are pictures of those clothes being modelled by, well, models. Models who stuff leafy vegetables down their throats all day, or chain smoke to keep the hunger pangs at bay, or do Pilates/Zumba/Krav Maga/other dance+martial arts thingy that I have never heard of, or are just blessed with skinny genes (see what I did…

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I started a bloooooooooooog.



After years and years of procrastination, I finally have a blog. For someone who has been writing ever since her chubby, little fingers could grip a pencil, this is a momentous occasion. YAY!

My name is Zasha O’Brien, and I am a 21 year old girl, although I don’t often act like an adult. I grew up in Calcutta (Kolkata?), India, a city known for awful politics and awesome food (more on both later), before moving to the nation’s capital, New Delhi, to study political science and how-to-be-independent. I love dogs and black coffee and white wine and most things that are edible and bookshops and petrichor and being organized and Oxford commas and my iPad and the beach and lazy weekends spent cuddling in bed and watching animated movies. I do not like being active and green vegetables and being told what to do and misogynists. I do not understand the stock market and frappuccinos.

A friend of mine insisted that I decide what my blog would focus on. I can’t. So if anyone is reading this, they will probably find a number of blog posts, some short and some the length of a novel, some upbeat and some morose (mostly upbeat; I’m a happy kid), some about the meaning of life and other deep things and some about that bee-yoo-ti-ful dish that you should order at that new place on that dark street in that posh area.

So, hey. Welcome to cerealforlunch. Thank you for reading – I love you already!